Ubyon Demonstrates Industry’s First Identity-Asserted Access Service on AWS Cloud WAN

Enables enterprises to build secure, global cloud networks in minutes

Cupertino, Calif. -- December 2, 2021 – Ubyon, a Silicon Valley startup, today demonstrated a new enterprise cloud access solution as a Platinum launch partner of the AWS Cloud WAN service announced at AWS re:Invent hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ubyon’s identity-asserted access service is part of its broader vision to secure users, applications, and clouds in the modern cloud-first enterprise. The service works with the AWS Cloud WAN service to allow for a transparent, yet secure way to easily connect users to applications and clouds.

The unique combination of Ubyon’s service and AWS Cloud WAN allows enterprise customers to deploy and operate a global identity-asserted cloud access solution in minutes. Information technology (IT), operations (Ops), and cloud professionals previously needed many manual steps that were error prone and required large amounts of network administration time to complete.

“AWS Cloud WAN gives customers a simple deployment option after many years of innovation from AWS networking, providing a managed WAN service seamlessly melding networking, security, and automation capabilities,” said Nishant Mehta, Director, Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) at AWS. “Ubyon ‘s approach accelerates AWS customers’ ability to build and deliver an identity-aware fabric on top of AWS Cloud WAN’s global networking.”

“With nearly all enterprises deploying cloud based services for a dispersed workforce, its mission critical to put a secure and easily managed infrastructure in place to promote zero trust security practices”, says Jack Gold, President of J.Gold Associates. “But organizations that use WAN products alone often need to rely on third party “man in the middle” services that cede full control and expose a potential weakness. Products like Ubyon combined with AWS Cloud WAN offers a high trust, fully enterprise contained service, making it easy to set up and manage a mission-critical identity asserted network at scale.”

About Ubyon

Ubyon was founded with a vision to secure users, applications, and clouds in a zero-trust model. Its veteran founding team has previously built cloud solutions of global scale in the networking industry. Ubyon is a venture funded Silicon Valley company based in Cupertino, California. More information is available at www.ubyon.com.

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